The Harris Line

The Harris line connection is through Elizabeth Maliphant [##45003] who was sister to George [##45004] – who started the clan that are in Australia now – and Charles [##45007] – who went out to Gas City, Indiana (USA) to oversee the construction of a tinplate works there in 1892.

Elizabeth married Richard Harris [##45503] in Adelaide, Australia and they had 5 children, all born in Australia.
However, it seems that after Richard’s death in 1875, Elizabeth moved back to Wales with her children as at least 3 of them have marriages recorded in South Wales.

Her eldest son William [##45003-46001] subsequently emigrated to U.S.A. with his wife and four children around 1898/9 (they had two further children after arriving in U.S.A.) and his mother Elizabeth was also there at that time.

The current clan I am in contact with are the Harris clan headed by Randy [##45003-49001], Greg [##45003-49002] and Mark [##45003-49003] and through them I am just finding out about the Herrolds, Stoeltings and Frieders (this as at Dec 2020).

Copies of various letters regarding the tracing of the U.S.A. lineage and family photographs have been given to me by Mark and Randy Harris.

Mark is gathering more information about Gas City, the beginnings of the collection can be seen here.