The American Maliphant Family Website

This section of the Maliphant Family website is all about the American branch of the Maliphant clan and is easily distinguished from the main site by the American flag in the header.

An Overview

Many Maliphants have settled in U.S.A. over the years, but as far as I know there are no actual Maliphants living there at the moment (feel free to correct me if that’s wrong!).

We do have quite a few relatives there though:

NameConnectionMore InfoKnown Family Names
Gates LineZena Mary Maliphant [##47048]Read MoreGates, Adams, Black, Brilla, Buckley, Flanagan, Foley, Garcia, Harding, Howell, Johnson, Lucas, Martineac, McKenzie, Niemiec, Thomson
Harris LineElizabeth Maliphant [##45003]Read MoreHarris, Elfering, Frieders, Hardenburg, Herrold, Nelson, Stoelting, Totzke, Zamble
Richards LineElizabeth Maliphant [##44008]Read MoreRichards, Fisher, Hardacre, Job, Jones, Nabrotzky, Pulman, Smith, Stirton